A coffee Machine Based on the "Accessible and Authentic" Concept

Recently, we seem to be witnessing a third coffee boom thanks to the availability of good coffee at different locations, such as convenience stores and fast food restaurants. The key lies in accessibility and authenticity.
Coffee must be readily accessible and, at the same time, give users the unique feeling of enjoying freshly ground and brewed regular coffee, with each coffee beans ground individually immediately preceding brewing. At Coca-Cola East Japan, we have the appropriate machines to offer an authentic coffee experience.

Georgia Authentic Coffee Machines

Georgia Authentic Coffee machines allow enjoying freshly-brewed, authentic coffee.

See-through Cup Vending Machines

We now have see-through cup vending machines available that show the process of coffee bean grinding and dripping, and can help users find out about different ways of enjoying coffee. Caffè latte, caffè mocha and other flavors are available to choose from based on the users' preference on a given day.