Coca-Cola East Japan One+ Roadmap for Growth

CocaCola East Japan コカ・コーライーストジャパン

Coca-Cola East Japan’s goal is to create a simpler, more efficient and responsive operating structure through the integration of five bottlers, and to deliver sustainable growth by leveraging the scale and best practices that have supported the growth and development of the Coca-Cola system worldwide.

  1. 1.Forming & Storming: Define & deploy new business model
    Speed of integration
    Identifying synergies & positioning for growth
  2. 2.Norming: Refine & optimize new business model
    Process re-engineering & launch of ERP system while delivering first results
  3. 3.Performing: Approaching global bottler performance levels
    Exploiting new architecture as competitive advantage to drive synergies & growth
  4. 4.Accelerating: Meet & exceed world-class bottler levels
    A world-class Japanese bottler on the world stage