Coca-Cola East Japan by the Numbers

Coca-Cola East Japan serves the Kanto, Tokai and Southern Tohoku regions, a vast and dynamic market covering the Tokyo metropolitan area, 15 prefectures and roughly 66 million people. Coca-Cola East Japan sells approximately 50 of the most popular beverage brands in Japan, backed up by over half a million vending machines, cold drink equipment and dispensers, and a powerful distribution network built up by the original five bottlers. Coca-Cola Japan accounts for roughly half the Coca-Cola system’s annual sales volume in Japan, making it Japan’s largest Coca-Cola bottler.

Coca-Cola East Japan has the biggest scale and the most resources in JapanAnnual sales revenue Annual sales volume (BAPC based)Number of production plants & distribution centers/warehousesNumber of employees (total number of full-time & temporary employees) Number of brands that are handled by Coca-Cola East JapanNumber of customer outlets handling Coca-Cola East Japan productsNumber of vending machines, coolers, dispensers that have been installedNumber of products supplied per dayCoca-Cola East Japan
*Sales revenue and sales volume are December 2015 results.