Coca-Cola System in Japan

The Coca-Cola system in Japan comprises Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd., which supplies concentrates, plans and develops new products, and conducts advertising and marketing activities; bottling companies(bottlers), which manufacture and sell products, and other affiliated companies.

Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.

  • Planning
  • R&D
  • Concentrate

Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Production

    We purchase concentrate/beverage base from Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. and manufacture finished products under stringent quality control in each of our plants.

  • Distribution

    The finished products manufactured in each plant are transported to and stored at logistics centers before delivery to customers who have placed orders.

  • Sales

    We sell our products to consumers through our customers' outlets and the vending machine channel, as well as making proposals to customers on recommended products, point-of-sale activation and advertising.

    • Restaurants
    • Vending Machines
    • Shops
  • Collection

    We collect empty packages for recycling.

  • Recycle

    We recycle empty packages, and we refurbish and upgrade older vending machines as much as possible.

Other Coca-Cola System Related Companies

Coca-Cola Tokyo Research & Development Co., Ltd. (CCTR&D) Product development and technical support to respond to the needs of the customer in Japan. A wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company.
Coca-Cola Integrated Business Systems Co., Ltd. (CCIBS) Providing business consulting services, as well as developing and maintaining the information systems to support Coca-Cola System companies in Japan.
Coca-Cola Business Sourcing Co., Ltd. (CCBSC) Providing joint procurement of raw materials, packaging, etc., for Coca-Cola System companies in Japan.
Coca-Cola Customer Marketing Company (CCCMC) Business negotiations window for nationwide retail, convenience stores, supermarket and food-service chains as well as developing proposals for sales promotions and storefront activities. Jointly owned by Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. and all the bottlers in Japan.
FV Corporation Co., Ltd. (FVC) Sales negotiations window for national chain vending operators, and deals non-Coca-Cola products as well as Coca-Cola branded products. Jointly owned by Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd. and all the bottlers in Japan.