Aim at Making Both the Society and Business Activities Sustainable.

Through sports, contribute to the building of a society where everyone can be active and healthy.
Aim for further growth by making the company a workplace where women can work more vivaciously.
Promote “Water Neutrality” by returning to nature the same amount of water used in products and manufacturing by 2020.

Our business has been growing together with lively local communities and healthy lives of people.
Toward achieving the goals of 2020 Vision, we believe that it is crucial to make efforts for sustainability in order to develop our business sustainably. Coca-Cola East Japan Group has been promoting appropriate initiatives for customers, local community and environment as the world-class bottler in diverse ways according to the area characteristics.

Activities that Contribute to the Health and Happiness of Customers

Product Quality and Safety Initiatives
We work hard to provide products that meet the diverse lifestyles and needs of our customers and are of high quality that they can rely on.

Support of Active and Healthy Lifestyle Habits
As a soft drink manufacturer that advocates healthy body, mind and lifestyles, we provide a wide range of opportunities for people to get more familiar with physical exercise and sports by sponsoring a variety of sporting events in order to support the dissemination of information related to soft drinks, awareness-raising activities related to correct rehydration and food education using soft drinks, and development of active and healthy lifestyle habits.

Initiatives for Sustainable Global Environment

Protection of Water Resources
The Coca-Cola System promotes “Water Neutrality”, by returning to nature the same amount of water that has been used to manufacture products.

Working to Achieve a Recycling-Oriented Society
Now that the recovery and recycling of used containers in the soft drinks business is a major issue, we are working on promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) as part of our efforts to achieve a sustainable society.

Prevention of Global Warming and Energy Reduction
The Coca-Cola System’s environmental goals are to be the leader of the beverage industry in the areas of environment-friendly containers (packages) used for soft drinks, protection of global environment and energy saving, and we are promoting various activities to achieve these goals.

Activities that Contribute to the Development of the Community

Creating a Rewarding Workplace
Coca-Cola East Japan Group aims at becoming a company where employees can demonstrate their abilities fully, supports their enthusiastic work styles, and endeavors to create an open working environment that is diverse, safe and healthy.