Environmental Policy

“Basic Philosophy”

The Coca-Cola East Japan Group will contribute to building communities that are rich in nature. We commit to being a responsible corporate citizen, paying careful attention to the environmental impacts of our business, while simultaneously working with local communities and stakeholders to promote environmental protection.

”Guiding Principles”

To achieve the Basic Philosophy, the Guiding Principles are defined as follows.

  1. 1.Compliance
    We comply with the laws and regulations, ordinances, conventions and voluntary guidelines in relation to the environment.
  2. 2.Alleviating impact on the environment
    We try to reduce the use of energy and our impact on the environment, prevent pollution, and give thoughtful consideration to the environment.
  3. 3.Investing in the environment
    We invest appropriate management resources to promote the 3Rs, or the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” policy.
  4. 4.Communications
    We embrace communication with our communities, and play an active role in helping people understand the importance of environmental protection.
  5. 5.Implementing environmental education
    We provide educational programs to enhance the environmental awareness of those who are involved in the business activities of the Coca-Cola East Japan Group, as well as the members of the communities we serve.
  6. 6.Revising the framework
    We review our environment-related goals and management systems regularly and on an as-needed basis to continuously make them better.

~This Environmental Policy is communicated to all the Coca-Cola East Japan Group employees as well as to the public.~